The end of kgn and second grade

It’s so bittersweet that kindergarten and second grade are coming to an end. Stop growing! Just this morning, Jake said to me: we don’t really have little kids anymore. Becca’s certainly not a little kid anymore. Ughhh. And it’s true. She’s not little, and she’s even fairly independent. “Is the Earth a living thing?,” she asked me before bed last night. “And if it is, will it die? And when?” Ummmm. Maybe you should do some research, Becks.

Next Tuesday is their last day of school, and today is their field day. They’re very excited for their day camp to begin and to celebrate their birthdays with a bounce house/water toy/Harry Potter party. And I, too, have been loving the change in the weather and working off campus.

Here is a pic from Madeline in the classroom the other day:




Annual Memorial Day weekend in Saugatuck

Three years ago Jake started a new tradition – taking the kids up to Saugatuck for Memorial Day weekend. We rent a century-old house near the beach and read books in the sun and hike and eat pie and drink apple wine for a few days. Here are some pics:


My kids are finally at an age where taking them out to brunch does not fill me with dread. They sit at the table the entire time. They do not need to be tasked with various drawings and book readings and stacking sugar packets. They eat food and talk, for the most part. Here are a couple pics from Mom’s day brunch at one of my all time favorite places in this area of the world: Journeyman Distillery. Why do I love this place? They totally get vegetarians; they make good drinks…and the lighting, the space, the huge bar, the string of lights, the adorable tiny town filled with antiques.