Good to be back, and Becca’s birthday

Oh, man, did I miss home while being in NY for a conference and then in Houston for an 8-day seminar. Tissue paper thin dorm sheets and food made in bulk in a dining hall every day isn’t easy to get used to, not when you’re approaching 40. The kids had a blast at their day camp in Michigan though – I was so relieved to learn that they loved it.

Yesterday was Jake and Becca’s birthdays, so we celebrated with a chocolate cake from Whole Foods. The kids are in a science camp program this week at one of the public schools, and they’re loving it. They come home talking about space exploration and electricity.

Their grandma is coming in for their bounce house birthday party this weekend, and they’re very excited. Becca has been reading new chapter books and riding her bike a ton too. More soon. Here are some random pics that make me nostalgic – a visit to Central Park when I was pregnant with Madeline, getting used to grocery shopping as parents of two tiny ones, Becca pinching baby Madeline’s ear in our first home in Indiana…



pizza dinner

This pizza dinner wasn’t particularly notable for any other reason than a) it was Madeline’s birthday and b) they requested to bring their friend, Harper. For some reason, the kids felt so old to Jake and me. The notion of going out to dinner and bringing a friend felt like a milestone for kids much older than ours, yet there we were, the five of us, munching on kid pizza and laughing. Cute.

Poor Becca now has an ear infection of the year, and she is not. happy. at. all. Tylenol and now antibiotics, cold compresses held to the ear and a new Star Wars film. Just. not. happy. I hope it passes soon.


Age 5: a whole hand

Madeline turned five today, and she’s so excited about her birthday. I went to Montessori to join them for chocolate-free nut-free frosting-free muffins, and all the little kids sang to her and her teacher read a (somewhat condescending/somewhat endearing) story about childbirth.

Here’s Lu, a fiery, spirited call-it-like-it-is 5-year old who will not stand still long enough for me to rub in the suntan lotion on her face:


When I’m out of town…

Jake goes totally overboard in taking the kids on the biggest adventures of their lives.

So while I was doing this:


…they were experiencing this:

And I was jealous, a bit, even though I knew it was a ton of work for him taking them to a botanical garden and birthday party and to Chicago. Becca cried pretty hard the night before I left for a short conference, so I hope next week isn’t too hard on her when I’m gone again. And two more days of school and then we’ll have a second grader and kindergartner on our hands.

Rainy spring

It’s been a rainy spring, so we’re trying to get outside and enjoy it the few mere hours the sun comes out. Here’s a pic of M and R with some friends from a recent get together – these kids play really well together. Madeline’s face is a total ice cream mess here, but we love her anyway:-)

kidspicBecca’s school also has a celebration of writing at the end of the first grade year, so yesterday Jake and I went up to her school to see all of her work. She was so proud! She’s learned a lot in first grade, so we’re grateful for that.


Mother’s Day

Becca just loves Mother’s Day. She is at this age where her love is less about “do-this-for-me-mom” and more like “I-want-to-make-you-proud-mom,” which is utterly the easiest thing in the world for her to do. So Becca demanded we brunch in style yesterday, and then we decided to take them up to Three Rivers, Michigan where they could explore the campgrounds of their day camp program that will start in a month. They were pretty charmed by the lake and horses.