Academic fair

After weeks of reading books and working on these tri-fold posters on math research projects, the kids were proud to show me where their research was displayed in the school gymnasium after work yesterday. They’re still too young for the regional competition, but Madeline was super pleased that everyone earned a ribbon:)


Chill weekend

We had a pretty low key weekend, which was nice and needed. Becca and Madeline continued their pursuit of an all girl band with their friend Izzy:

We also got the girls haircuts, did a little yoga, met with a rabbi, and basically just hung out some. Here is a pic of the kids participating in a Jewish education program:


Also Madeline started drum lessons last week. I didn’t want to disturb the lesson or I’d have snapped some pics. She’s pretty hilarious on the drums, walking around saying “rock and roll” and “1, 2, 3, 4!” I have no idea where this kid gets ideas from – certainly not me. When I ask her a yes/no question, she replies, “yeah girl.”

Playing an instrument

The kids have been asking for instruments for a while, so we caved and are trying out some instruments for 44 days. We’ll see if they still want to play after a few weeks pass. I’m also trying to see if we can get lessons from some local teachers.


In other news, the kids are working on their Learning Sphere academic posters, and here is Madeline with hers: