Becca in Peter Pan

Becca performed in Peter Pan yesterday – she was a Lost Boy. It’s very moving to see her on stage; I know how much she loves it. It’s also built up her confidence quite a bit over the last couple years. Today she will also be performing in The Peppermint Tree. I hope she’s always as happy performing as she is at age 6. Here are a couple pics from yesterday’s performance:

She and Harper arrive at the crack of 7:30 a.m. for practice before the performance:


I should probably get a real camera instead of leaning on my iPhone:


After the show:


Weekend trip to NJ

We went to New Jersey for Jake’s cousin’s bar mitzvah last weekend. It was the kids’ first bar mitzvah, and Jake’s mother and brother also attended. Here are a couple pics from the weekend. This first pic is from a dinner Friday evening. I feel like Jake, Becca, and Shirley all look similar here.

IMG_9795.JPGWe wound up taking the kids to the zoo on Saturday afternoon:

And here are a couple pics from the celebration Saturday evening. I wanted to get a pic of the kids dancing on the dance floor, but they were just too fast.

Happy Pesach

The kids and I made the charoset for Passover together, and then I used a box recipe for the matzoh ball soup. We set the table and put out plague masks for the kids and ended the night with “Dayenu” and the great mystery of finding the hidden afikomen. This was the first Seder yet when Becca sat at the table and participated in reading the story and asking the questions. I was so proud of her. Here is one of the very few pics I have from the evening:


Kids’ spring break

Oh, spring break, you are so, so challenging. Was it quite this rough last year? I think we need a new system.

This spring break, in between working and coordinating with baby sitters, Jake and I took a few hours here and a few hours there off so that the kids would be entertained. Becca and Madeline went swimming twice, put together a new Lego building, went to IHOP for the first time, painted pottery, ate Dominoes pizza for the first time (we’re on a real health kick around here, as you can see), went on errands with me, and created an impromptu dance to the Mary Poppins soundtrack (which Madeline calls Harry Poppins). And we had rainstorms and wind warnings and a light snowfall, to top it all off. We’re all a bit exhausted.

Some pics of the kids painting pottery, and Madeline showing off her cool new Yoda Lego figurine from our friend, Meghan:

The Great Indiana Bake Off of Spring 2017

After watching a good bit of the Great British Bake Off show and also seeking a pretty quiet weekend together, Jake and I decided that we would do a bake off, and the girls would judge the baked goods and provide honest feedback (ha).

So we baked all morning, from about 8:30 to 12 and then presented our goods. Here is my contribution: rugelah 2

We won’t feature Jake’s contribution here – they didn’t really bake long enough and then he put powdered sugar all over the scones before he baked them so it wound up giving them an underbaked and powdery effect, mmmhmmm.

I have TONS of chocolate and apricot rugelach left now, so I hope my colleagues eat rugelach.