The kids’ grandmothers came to town this past weekend to visit once more and also see Becca dance in the Nutcracker. Phew, so many practices, so many rehearsals! Here are a couple pics from the weekend:


Crazy week

This last week, these things happened: 1. Becca had a few extra dance practices for her first Nutcracker performance with Southold (see pics below).

2. My two chairs met with the rank and tenure committee to go over my last 5.5 years of work.

3. Madeline is dealing with a bully at school.

4. I gave a talk.

5. We had a Gender and Women’s Studies party.

6. We had about five extra loads of laundry after four house guests.

7. I joined an online writer’s workshop.

I guess that’s it. We also had to put together a craft project for Becca’s classroom, and then the usual grading/teaching/etc. So it felt…well, hectic.

Here is Becca gearing up and winding down:




Thanksgiving weekend

I was very happy to welcome these folks into town on Wednesday:


My mom got in Tuesday evening, and Gabe arrived Thursday morning. I was really glad to have this helper in the kitchen Thursday:


It was fun to be surrounded by family and friends, especially with the help of Whole Foods pre-ordered side dishes this year:


These two were most helpful with the decor:


Deb and I also did a neighborhood turkey trot that morning – it was one of those tiny races where if you don’t keep up, you get totally lost in the neighborhood:


We also were happy to get a sitter and go out for the night last night w/some friends, and we’re sad that folks are leaving soon.

Final Lego weekend

We tied up our lego project yesterday and opted out of the Expo since none of the kids could make it this year. The kids also had a couple play dates this weekend. Here are some pics from the weekend. The first kills me b/c while Becca and her pal Izzy are about to do cartwheels, Madeline and Adri are cuddling and laughing. And they were also SO excited to have Harper over Sunday before Legos.

And then, finally, I stumbled on this note in Madeline’s room a couple days ago and it’s hands down the best note I ever found in my life.


Saturday afternoons w/Madeline

Since Becca’s dance rehearsals have increased, Madeline and I have been spending Saturday afternoons together.

Madeline is such a goofball. This is her m.o. :


With Thanksgiving in mind, I’ve been trying out some new recipes like this one with Madeline, and here is the tasty yet not very aesthetically pleasing result:


We also ran a ton of errands this weekend, went to a kids’ birthday party, took turns working, picked up falafel for dinner, and that was about it. Rain and sleet.


Daylight Saving

What a wonderful thing to wake up with children at 4:50 a.m. Um, no. Why does this still happen!?

We rented a dumpster this weekend and combed through our entire house, finally getting rid of things like a 7 year old broken baby carseat, broken shards of a vase from my great grandmother, children’s stained clothing, and on and on. It feels lighter in this house now.

After this work, the kids felt that they were deserving of a “treat,” so we took them up the street to Uptown Kitchen. They remind me of two little old ladies here: