Dear March

I just read an Emily Dickinson poem about March, but it is not at all matching our northern Indiana March here.

Dear March – Come in –
How glad I am –
I hoped for you before –
Put down your Hat –
You must have walked –
How out of Breath you are –
Dear March, how are you, and the Rest –
Did you leave Nature well –
Oh March, Come right upstairs with me –
I have so much to tell –

she wrote. This spring break week “off” in march came with wind, snow, rain, sun, and mostly 20 degrees. Like this: IMG_2179

We spent the weekend hanging with friends – swimming, eating, and going to birthday parties – and playing mostly indoors, though Becca and I took a slow walk around the neighborhood. She is so ready to begin biking again. We’ll see. We expect snow again next weekend.

I have been bad about taking photographs of the children, I think because we’ve been bigger homebodies more so lately and also because sometimes, I just forget. Here are just a couple from the last week eating dinner and practicing yoga w/friends:

We’ve also spent time plotting out the summer, coordinating schedules and signing up for an array of camp programs and daydreaming about the Michigan beaches and summer adventures. And planning for Passover.

The spring will come. It will be brief. And then, summer.


Spring break

I signed up for the Notre Dame half marathon, but I don’t think I’ll be running it this year. It’s hard to jog beyond 5-6 miles, even on weekends. In other news, the kids and I read a TON of a Wrinkle in Time yesterday so that we would be able to watch it today at the theatre. Jake and I also hit up the Crooked Ewe for some veggie food, watched Call Me By Your Name, and perused travel websites while contemplating a trip. This week is my Spring Break (but not the kids’), so it will be good to take a moment for more reading, but also to catch up on some work:( And I have no pics to share! But I think I know what the Wagmans will be for Halloween this year:


The long winter

People want so badly for it to turn spring and 60-ish around here, I see folks jogging in shorts in 28 degrees.

The long late winter creates a bit of a panic in me each year, as I, too, long to wear shorts and jog around the neighborhood. But that is just never going to happen in northern Indiana. Plus, I haven’t worn shorts in about a decade. So.

Jake was in Miami for a few days, so we hunkered down and read books (A Wrinkle in Time and The Giver) and baked and hung out. Jake’s Uncle Victor passed away. We are really sad about Uncle Victor; I met Victor 12 years ago before Jake and I married and liked him instantly. I remember one summer he decided to trim Madeline’s toenails bc he felt they were too long. It’s such a little thing but an anecdote that I remember because it reveals his kindness and attention to details. He was so good to Jake and kind to all of us. I’m glad the girls saw him in December, and had a chance to know him over the years. We were all lucky to know him.

Some pics from the last couple days – Madeline’s book club and the kids’ band practice:


I made these:




I love this little kid. She is SO funny and fun and smart.

“Mom why do you have to run races? Can’t you skip the whole way?”

“Why don’t we grow fruits and vegetables? We’re just not good at this. We should try again.”

“I don’t know what to do. When I grow up, I want to be a drummer and a baker. How can I decide?”

“If you won’t get me a bunny, I will just keep a bunny in my head. It’s called Bunnyworld. Only I go there.”

“I’m the sixth tallest person in my class.”

“If dad is out of town on Purim, will Purim not happen?”


We had a weekend at home, cooking and baking, attending a birthday party, swimming with friends, and catching up on reading. A quiet time mostly, and much needed.

Here are a couple pics from the kids’ recent extracurricular events (ballet “parent watch day” and Madeline’s drum lessons, and a couple dishes — hamentashen for Purim and ratatouille):