Do I think of the Elton John song, the Degas paintings? I do. So Becca is deciding that ballet is IT. Like, her thing. Soccer certainly was not her thing, not when she walked off the field to take a cookie break, ignoring the coach. Gymnastics she could take or leave. The violin teacher was not her cup of tea. She dropped out of her art class. But this is Becca’s thing. So be it.

We registered her in a half-day camp program last week so that she could try out a new ballet studio that specializes in ballet (vs modern dance, which is mostly what she had been doing). She loved it, totally met her crew, laughed on the stairs with all these other ballet girls. I had never seen Becca so in her element. Honestly, I was a bit bewildered by it all. But she wants to do it. Dance, perform, wear the shoes, walk the walk.

Madeline will take a class too, but she’s isn’t nearly as into it as Becca. She likes it for the costumes, the flowers at the end, the glitter. Becca loves it for the movement. Madeline’s alter ego is Water Girl, a super hero that has special swimming powers. She wants to join a swim team, but there just isn’t a swim team around for a five year old. Perhaps one day.

So these are my tiny dancers at ages 5 and 7:


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