A lovely student from Kurdistan, Sundes, stayed with us for a family host weekend as part of the summer program on women’s leadership, culture and history I teach in every year. We had a great time at Silver Beach, seeing a silly summer movie, and drawing and biking together. Sundes and I had some interesting long talks too, and I learned a lot more about Kurdistan and her town and upbringing. I didn’t take too many pics the whole time since we were so on the go, but here is one of Sundes with the girls:


We also went peach and cherry picking last Sunday here, so here are a couple pics of us outdoors in Michigan:

The kids are doing a half-day week long dance camp program this week too. It’s not much coverage for anyone to get any work done around here, but they’re loving it – and I feel like the photo below says a lot about their personalities:

tiny dancers




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