Spying on my children

I LOVE overhearing them play pretend. Jake does, too.

Here are some snippets from Madeline: “Friends! Friends, I need you to come up to the front of the class” (she totally uses Montessori language when she pretends to be teacher). “We need you to put on your listening ears. We’re taking a classroom picture.”

It’s TOO MUCH! They’re really into playing with dolls lately, creating elaborate scenarios for dolls like The Dolls Go Camping For The First Time and Encounter a Hungry Teddy Bear and The Dolls Go to Kdgn and The Dolls are Traveling and Don’t See Any Vegetarian Food. The horror, the horror.

They finished their week of four half days of camp at Fernwood, and I’m glad. It was too short. I have no images for this post, though they have been taking pics of their dolls – I’ll spare you posting these images. More soon.


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