Good to be back, and Becca’s birthday

Oh, man, did I miss home while being in NY for a conference and then in Houston for an 8-day seminar. Tissue paper thin dorm sheets and food made in bulk in a dining hall every day isn’t easy to get used to, not when you’re approaching 40. The kids had a blast at their day camp in Michigan though – I was so relieved to learn that they loved it.

Yesterday was Jake and Becca’s birthdays, so we celebrated with a chocolate cake from Whole Foods. The kids are in a science camp program this week at one of the public schools, and they’re loving it. They come home talking about space exploration and electricity.

Their grandma is coming in for their bounce house birthday party this weekend, and they’re very excited. Becca has been reading new chapter books and riding her bike a ton too. More soon. Here are some random pics that make me nostalgic – a visit to Central Park when I was pregnant with Madeline, getting used to grocery shopping as parents of two tiny ones, Becca pinching baby Madeline’s ear in our first home in Indiana…




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