Kids’ spring break

Oh, spring break, you are so, so challenging. Was it quite this rough last year? I think we need a new system.

This spring break, in between working and coordinating with baby sitters, Jake and I took a few hours here and a few hours there off so that the kids would be entertained. Becca and Madeline went swimming twice, put together a new Lego building, went to IHOP for the first time, painted pottery, ate Dominoes pizza for the first time (we’re on a real health kick around here, as you can see), went on errands with me, and created an impromptu dance to the Mary Poppins soundtrack (which Madeline calls Harry Poppins). And we had rainstorms and wind warnings and a light snowfall, to top it all off. We’re all a bit exhausted.

Some pics of the kids painting pottery, and Madeline showing off her cool new Yoda Lego figurine from our friend, Meghan:


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