Hiding from cartoon villains

Madeline and I had a tea party and watched Brave a couple nights ago while Becca had her first dance lesson of the season.

Madeline still has the ability to crack me up while she watches a program. She takes it all very seriously. Here is her face as a villain approaches on screen:

She’s also been growing up before my eyes in the last week. We started a progress chart for her when she sleeps through the night without waking us up. I’ve been fussing over her in the morning, telling her how proud I am and announcing her success to the household. My almost kindergartner.

Also, even though this blog is only for our family and friends, and really for the kids when they get a little older and look back at the years of photos and memories, I still think it’s worth announcing what I don’t blog/post. I haven’t posted photographs over the last two years since I started this blog of the following:

— Madeline at bedtime/Madeline’s night waking – basically, Madeline begging us for one more book/one more snack/one more blanket or glass of water or trip downstairs to get something or her screaming at 1 a.m. for us to help her get back to bed.

— The sisterly fights: the moment when one child will not share or when a child inevitably snatches a book/purse/doll from the other’s hand.

— When the girls refused to go to gymnastics last summer after we paid for lessons, leading to an epic battle of wills.

  • I could go on, for much, much longer. But it does seem worth saying that I only post the good stuff. But I remember it all!

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