Hanukkah in South Bend

Hanukkah in South Bend has become somewhat richer with meaning this year since Becca realized she was the only Jewish kid in the first grade. She seemed pretty startled by this at first – even more than when she realized so few people were vegetarians. She wanted to blend in with her peers at school who celebrate Christmas, and she even admitted to me that she was jealous. Jake and I both grew up around so many other Jewish families, so this was new for us too. We went to synagogue and lit candles and sang songs. We had our latke party. We made more of Hanukkah around the house this year – a couple more decorations and batches of Hanukkah cookies. I even caved and purchased a singing Hanukkah dog. Talk about kitsch.

So here is a pic from our Hanukkah gathering, a loving time for us all I think. A lot of SMC folks couldn’t attend this year since Hanukkah fell between Christmas and New Years and many people were out of town. But there’s always next year:)



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