On voting

My, what a terrible, hateful time it has been this election season. And how sick of me to open with that on a parenting blog post.

I took the kids to vote with me this morning so that they could witness history. Last night before bed, Becca and I had a long conversation about who has been president and how hasn’t yet. She got it; she said she really wished a black, Jewish woman could be President (I’m with her!). Rebecca Walker came to mind.

I wore a mismatched pantsuit and talked to them about remembering this moment as we voted very early in the rain. They look a little worried and a little tired here, and I don’t blame them.

I wish I loved the candidate and had absolute faith in her. I do want a woman president to become normalized though, just another part of their upbringing and rationale about the capabilities of girls or women, even if they identify one day in another way.

So here is a pic from the morning: img_8804


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