Chicago trip

We decided to do an end-of-summer 1-night trip to Chicago w/friends, and I’m so glad that we did – we all had a terrific time. My time in Chicago is still fairly limited – a quick trip in college, a couple visits in my 20s, a few day trips with kids. I’m still a Chicago novice, but staying overnight helped w/my navigation a bit.

We stayed here, which was conveniently right next to the Oak Street Beach. We took the kids to the Field Museum, which they loved, and the Children’s Museum at Navy Pier. On a whim, while it was pouring Saturday morning, we walked two blocks from our hotel to the John Hancock building, though I suppose it’s no longer known as that. We had almost no visibility from the observation room, but once clouds passed by, we could scope out different parts of the city. I have a feeling the girls’ passion for Chicago is growing too. Becca told me she wished she could start the trip over and relive it, and Madeline told me she would live in Chicago one day. They would still need to pledge life long allegiance to the St. Louis Cardinals, however.

Here are a couple pics from the trip – we started our day Friday at the Field Museum and ate lunch outside:

We then headed to the beach and collapsed in bed after Cheesecake Factory pick-up:IMG_8195

We weirdly got bumped to a larger room than we had paid for/reserved, and Becca was so glad to kick Madeline out of her bed and have a bed to herself at the end of the night.

We started a rainy Saturday at the Hancock building:IMG_8199

Our view from above!

We then finished the day at Navy Pier:


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