Yesterday we had a long and somewhat spontaneous day. The night before we decided we would drive to Warren Woods State Park in Michigan and pack a picnic.

We had a nice lunch there and walked around on a trail a bit. IMG_8125


Soon the bugs started to get to us, so we stopped in Three Oaks, Michigan for ice cream. The girls even let us do some antiquing, and we found a new wall hanging for the sun room.

Then we drove by an orchard, one we had never been to before, so we thought: why not?

The owner chatted us up a bit – she and her husband had bought the 100 acres of land decades ago and moved from Skokie up to Michigan without knowing one thing about farming. “You could do it,” she told me. Uh, no. I can’t even pull weeds with efficiency.

Then Becca reminded us that we had told her that she could see a movie at the theatre — the Secret Life of Pets — if she and Madeline behaved really well. This, of course, was set off by the two of them NOT behaving very well early Saturday morning and refusing to get dressed for the day. We had thought Becca would have forgotten about this casual deal. But Becca does not forget. So we were off to the movies. IMG_8145

Madeline is pretty hilarious at the movies. Basically, Madeline watches a film and I watch Madeline. Her eyes get really big during action scenes, and when two cartoons are fighting, she starts making punching motions too to get in on it. She hides behind her hands during scarier scenes and cries out “mama!”

All in all, a busy summer weekend. Only two more weeks left, sniff sniff.


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