Spring break 2016

Most of the week was spent doing mundane things like cleaning, going to the dentist, and catching up on grading (are you sleeping yet?), but I did get a chance to spend more time with the kids — though their spring break, lucky us, is not aligned with mine.

Last weekend when my mom was in town, we all went to the Curious Kids Museum in Michigan and the carousel — here are a couple pics from the day:

I also accompanied the girls to dance class and took them to the ND playground after school last week. It was also warm enough to get frozen yogurt afterward – the first froyo of the season;)

Today we’re taking them to Aladdin Jr. (the musical) at the civic theatre¬† – I hope they sit still and like it! They’re so funny when experiencing new things – at the ND women’s basketball game, they both basically fired questions at us the entire time: how do the teams score points? how many points? where are the teams from? why boston college? does anyone like boston (NO)? why did they switch sides? why do they serve these kinds of snacks? why are we sitting under the air conditioner?

So. We’ll see how their first musical goes.


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