Riding a bike

My little Becca is learning how to ride a bike without training wheels. Be still my heart.

It’s hard work, teaching someone how to ride a bike! We practiced falling a lot, emphasizing that to fall is part of life, and people get back up again and try, try try again. I’m also basically holding Becca on the bike while she peddles for 10 minutes at a time. It’s a real workout, holding a 41 pound kid on a wobbly bike. But I can take it.

It brought up the crier in me too, as she started to gain confidence and do it by herself for longer and longer stretches.

Here’s a pic of this lovely 5 year old:


In other news, it’s the 4th of July weekend already (how did this happen), and the Wagmans are looking forward to fireworks, a trip to the beach, and possibly the zoo. America, f yeah. That’s for Bryan if he is reading.


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