Becca, Madeline and The Kite

We bought a kite last week and the kids have adored it. Running with the wind in their faces, trying to get it higher and higher, neighbors cheering them on, it all has great appeal.

Until they lost the kite. Last night at a nearby playground, the girls flew it higher than ever before. Madeline took charge and…let go of the string. It soared fairly far and nestled into a tree. They cried and screamed, poor babes.

Right before bed they asked for a new one. As we drove to school this morning, they started debating what kind to get. These two just crack me up all the time.

“If we got a shark kite, would it scare us? Would it scare you, mom?”

It might.

Here are some of our kite flying pics:

11000543_10100735285079934_1420462418487787955_o IMG_0025 IMG_4377 IMG_4384


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