Spring Break 2015 woo hoo!

It’s officially my spring break this week (but not the kids), so this is what’s on our agenda:

-TCB: grading Midterms, prepping a little, dusting off unfinished articles and presentations. Boring errands: laundry, oil change, old clothing donations. Dullsville really. Are you snoring yet?

– Becca is getting new shoes with laces (whoa!) and I’m going to try to teach her to tie them. Upon learning this, she said, “Why mama? Why can’t you just tie them all the time.” Aw, my sweet.

– I registered Becca for kindergarten. So bittersweet. I watched some of the 5-year olds while I was waiting to chat with the school nurse about mandatory dental exams. They were perfectly adorable, but I was sad over the days of pre-school slipping away so soon. Not that I even do this too much, but I won’t get to spy on her in her pre-school class any longer. Wah.

– Probably a bevy of other things too – we just haven’t decided yet. I kept fantasizing of a last minute trip but Becca still hasn’t had her post-operation surgery (though she recovered beautifully) and we really should just stay put. It will be in the ’50s this week, so parks and playgrounds here we come!


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