Becca and mom go to The Nutcracker. Madeline totally loses it.


I took Becca to The Nutcracker yesterday with another mom-daughter duo. It was beautiful – fake snow, sparkly outfits, Tchaikovsky tunes. Becca sat up in her sparkly silver dress and purple tights and took it all in; she seemed pretty happy until 90 minutes in when she got the munchies.

Back home in Granger, Madeline completely lost it. She was SO, so (SO!) sad that she couldn’t go with mom and her older sister to a theatric production. I’d taken Madeline to a film sing-a-long about 6 months ago and spent the entirety of the time walking her up and down the theatre steps. She just isn’t ready for theatre yet, at the ripe age of 2. There will be time, there will be time;)

When Becca and I returned home, Madeline cornered me in the kitchen. She was calm and ready. “Mom. Why couldn’t I go?” she asked. It was simply heartbreaking. I told her that she had a runny nose and the ballet is really for kids who are a tiny bit older. “Were you sad, Madeline?” I asked her. She nodded. “I cried.” “When did you cry?”

And then this: “When I realized I wasn’t going.”

Realized. This kid is too much sometimes. I’m going to bring out the big words soon. Vituperative….contumacious…we’ll see what sticks.


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