Saturday afternoons w/Madeline

Since Becca’s dance rehearsals have increased, Madeline and I have been spending Saturday afternoons together.

Madeline is such a goofball. This is her m.o. :


With Thanksgiving in mind, I’ve been trying out some new recipes like this one with Madeline, and here is the tasty yet not very aesthetically pleasing result:


We also ran a ton of errands this weekend, went to a kids’ birthday party, took turns working, picked up falafel for dinner, and that was about it. Rain and sleet.



Daylight Saving

What a wonderful thing to wake up with children at 4:50 a.m. Um, no. Why does this still happen!?

We rented a dumpster this weekend and combed through our entire house, finally getting rid of things like a 7 year old broken baby carseat, broken shards of a vase from my great grandmother, children’s stained clothing, and on and on. It feels lighter in this house now.

After this work, the kids felt that they were deserving of a “treat,” so we took them up the street to Uptown Kitchen. They remind me of two little old ladies here:


Chicago weekend/Kids’ fall break

We spent this weekend in Chicago, hanging out first in the burbs at the Legoland (and Schaumburg’s enviable Whole Foods), then driving into Chicago to eat at the Rainforest Cafe, see the Field Museum, Shedd, the Planetarium, and the Art Institute. A packed weekend! The kids are really into talking about space right now, along with penguins, Chagall, and figuring out what’s what in Chicago.

Growing up in STL, everyone HATED (hated!) Chicago. I cannot recall hearing statements about Chicago that did not involve “F the Cubs.” But I really love Chicago lately. If only we could enjoy the food! The kids’ tastes are still mostly “pasta without butter or sauce” and “grilled cheese,” but Jake and I did try some sushi Saturday night. Here are some pics:


We break for dinosaurs. We drive for dinosaurs. Basically, if it comes to dinosaurs, we are in. So we drove through the rainstorm Sat to see the Field Museum’s new dinosaur exhibit. It was kind of…well…not what we thought it would be. High on roars, low on information and education. Still, we had fun. M was pretty spooked by it all, regularly holding onto my leg like she did a couple years ago, saying “this is terrifying,” and asking me what every loud sound was. Maybe it was too much for a Saturday morning. Since it poured the entire day across Indiana and in Chicago, we were sort of stuck in the museum once we arrived. But that’s not a terrible place to be stuck for a day. I was so relieved to be home and out of the rain by 8 p.m. Worst rain we’ve ever driven through.

I also made a Halloween haunted house with Madeline after school yesterday:


Fall weekends…

A few pics from the weekend, first with the kids’ friend MJ at Thistleberry Farm:

Yes, we took turns burying each other in a huge vat of corn, and it was both calm and eerie.

Later that day, we met up with some friends for Sukkot and the kids played well together. Mine look fairly wild in this pic:


On Sunday, Madeline and I caught up on our baking: