Playing an instrument

The kids have been asking for instruments for a while, so we caved and are trying out some instruments for 44 days. We’ll see if they still want to play after a few weeks pass. I’m also trying to see if we can get lessons from some local teachers.


In other news, the kids are working on their Learning Sphere academic posters, and here is Madeline with hers:



No child care, going on day 35…

We have not had any babysitters in more than a month, and, well, it shows. I’m digging deep here. How much baking and Monopoly playing and Blokus playing can one sane person do for hour upon hour after school? We read books. We play with a Droid robot they got for Hanukkah. Rinse and repeat. And that’s how slow winter weeks go. Next week, this will all change. We will have child care again and my semester officially starts. But until then:


Trying new things

When one of Madeline’s pals asked her to try fencing, Madeline was pretty excited about it – and this photo is just too much:


We’ll see if it sticks. I never know what my kids will want to try and want to stick with for the long run.


Back to school

Madeline came down with a cough last night, so I kept her home today while Becca had a play date. We’ve been cuddling, playing Blokus and monopoly, and watching The Land Before Time. I’m also finally catching up on my reading. Meanwhile, the snow continues.

In other news, Becca and her pal are starting a girl rock band:

Hopefully, M will perk up and they’ll be back in school tomorrow. We haven’t had a sitter or family member in sight for over a month, so we’ve had a LOT of time together, which is perfectly lovely and perfectly exhausting. I do wish the holiday break would coincide with Hanukkah or a time during which we have family in town. Oh well. “We need to give in to the winter,” Jake says. Perhaps. But to me giving in feels like giving up, so I ordered a light machine to ward off SAD.

First few days of January

Things have been quiet, punctuated by activity. We rang in the New Year with pals Adri and Izzy and baby V (and their awesome parents), then we made a New Year’s Day cake and saw some friends from shul.

Then we found ourselves in Chicago and somewhat trapped there since there was a scary winter storm warning back in Indiana that warned folks not to drive at all but if they do to bring a flare and food. Sheesh.

So we stayed put in Chicago. Jake worked at the court house, and the rest of us made good use of our museum memberships. So here are the few pics I took.


We hadn’t been to Miami in three years, but we went with the kids this last week. We took them to visit Jake’s uncle, the Everglades, and we coordinated a play date with some old friends. Here are some pics:


Visiting Jake’s uncle:


Hanging out with the Schwartz family:


At the end of the trip, we decided to surprise the kids with a one-day visit to the Magic Kingdom. They were slightly excited.


Here are some pics from DW: