My kids are finally at an age where taking them out to brunch does not fill me with dread. They sit at the table the entire time. They do not need to be tasked with various drawings and book readings and stacking sugar packets. They eat food and talk, for the most part. Here are a couple pics from Mom’s day brunch at one of my all time favorite places in this area of the world: Journeyman Distillery. Why do I love this place? They totally get vegetarians; they make good drinks…and the lighting, the space, the huge bar, the string of lights, the adorable tiny town filled with antiques.


Sat. performance

A few more pics from the kids’ performance on Sat:

Because of the way I was sitting and Becca’s monster costume that completely masked her face, I couldn’t get many great pics of Becca yesterday, sadly.

So proud of them both!

The second grade play

Becca performed as a rooster in her school’s second grade play last night, and she was so much fun to watch. This kid takes to the stage with such ease! She said she was nervous, but no one would ever know as she crowed and sang and made the audience crack up. Here are some pics:



We met some friends at Fernwood for Earth Day today, and the kids loved hiking and making crafts and feeling the sun on their faces. The week and weekend has been mostly full of work and appointments otherwise – a work function for me, an extra dance class for Becca yesterday. Boy we needed this today. It was also great to walk around the neighborhood yesterday with a dear friend. Finally feels like spring around here.